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Are you looking for denture repair in Louisville KY?

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Denture Repair Lab is the largest nationwide denture repair service opened to the public offering same day denture repair by mail. We provide denture repair, dental partial repair, denture teeth repair, night guard repair, overdenture repair and more. We are not only able to repair your broken denture, but we can reinforce the denture fracture with metal mesh to increase the strength of your dental appliance.

If you were told or think that your dental appliance is beyond repair, or if it is broken in multiple pieces, missing pieces or you tried to self repair the denture with no luck, please collect all the pieces and mail it to our dental lab for a professional denture repair. Just as many of our customers, you will be surprised to hear that we will be able to save your dental appliance. Please refer to our photo gallery, you might find a similar to your denture, that was repaired by our dental lab.

Save time and money by sending directly to Denture Repair Lab – America’s largest denture repair service.

At Denture Repair Lab we able to remove glue or self-repair material off your dental appliance, repair your broken denture or partial, replace chip or loose teeth, reinforce fractured dental appliances with metal and duplicate denture (copy of your denture). We offer more than just quality professional denture repair service, we offer a peace of mind.

We know how hard it is for you to be without your teeth, therefore repairs are done same day and mailed back to you with complimentary Overnight Mail. Express Mail tracking number will be provided. All denture repairs covered under 30 Day warranty. Additional warranty is available.


Questions? 1-888-349-6695

For emergency denture repair in Louisville KY:

Fill out order form and mail your denture with overnight mail or print our complimentary prepaid shipping label. Once your dental appliance is received, it will be inspected, repaired and mailed back same day with complimentary Overnight mail.

Denture Repair Lab is your One-Stop lab for all your repair needs:

  • Most dentures can be repaired regardless of age to save you money.
  • Offers 24-hour “in-house” turnaround on most denture repairs so you can get your dentures back faster.
  • Free Overnight Shipping on repaired dentures and Free Priority Shipping on Duplicate Dentures.
  • Provides metal reinforcement on most fractures
  • Professional Cleaning and Polishing available for dentures, partial dentures, flexible partials, flippers, metal plates and more.
  • Offers peace of mind with Duplicate Denture for only $299.

Save valuable time and money when you send your denture or partial to us for repair. All restorations come backed with a 30 day warranty on materials and workmanship.


Questions? 1-888-349-6695

List of cities in Kentucky where we offer professional denture repair services:

Denture Repair Lexington-Fayette
Denture Repair Louisville
Denture Repair Lexington
Denture Repair Bowling Green
Denture Repair Owensboro
Denture Repair Covington
Denture Repair Hopkinsville
Denture Repair Richmond
Denture Repair Florence
Denture Repair Georgetown